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About us


Dear Partners!

"Sanwerk" LLC and brand of the same name founded in 2016.

We are a young company, which in the formation of their business model gives priority to three main factors:

  • Honesty and transparency in relations with customers
  • The design of its products
  • Analytics

An additional factor is the successful development of attractive price, which is achieved by optimizing direct supplies, the absence of intermediaries, the optimal number of employees in the production department, administration, and common sense in the formation of the marginal price of goods.

If it will need for our customers, we can make our products more expensive. Can install additional options, we can buy more expensive fittings and a more expensive washbasins.

It is also possible to bring it all under your order and consider for you exclusive series production of furniture.

For clients with B2B sector, we can offer an exclusive range.

We solve all issues through negotiations.

We believe that any cooperation must be mutually beneficial. We understand that our products are all other virtues should be of high quality and have a pricing policy that allows our clients enjoy working with us.

We understand that unscrupulous competitors will copy our solutions and our offers. We are preparing for this.

We are committed to immediately and publicly report on it in all possible social networks, newsletter, news, etc.

This will enable ordinary people to understand who is who ...

We would both hope and confidence that the consumer will appreciate all our benefits and favors through the purchase of our products.

We guarantee the fulfillment of its warranty without bureaucratic delay and honest consideration of controversial issues.

We are always in the trend of modern design trends.

We always have the best price with good quality!

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Sincerely yours ,